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Aftab made 35 pieces of his girlfriend, kept the body hidden in the fridge, disposed of the dead body in 18 days – The Facts

The police have claimed to solve the murder mystery in the country’s capital Delhi, about 6 months ago. In the case, the police have arrested a person, whose name is Aftab. He is accused of killing a young woman named Shraddha. Both lived in live-in.

The whole incident is of Mehrauli police station area. Aftab and Shraddha had a friendship while working in a call center in Mumbai. The friendship of both has turned into love. After which they decided to get married, but on the opposition of the family, both fled to Delhi.

It is being told that both of them started living in live-in in Delhi. But there was a fight between the young man and the girl over some issue. According to the police, Aftab had cut about 35 pieces of Shraddha. He kept these pieces in the fridge and got up early in the morning for 18 days and kept them there.

Here Shraddha’s family members did not know about her and complained to the police. Shraddha’s father alleged that his daughter used to work in a call center in Mumbai. Here he met a man named Aftab and their friendship turned into a very close relationship.

On the complaint of the relatives, the police started looking for Aftab with the help of technical surveillance. After which the police arrested the accused. The accused told the police in interrogation that Shraddha was constantly pressurizing him for marriage, due to which frequent quarrels started between them.

Shubham Bangwal

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