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Actress Simi Grewal created panic by giving a nude scene

Simi Grewal: Simi Grewal, the most popular actress of the 70s, has always been in the news for one reason or the other. Many films of Simi Grewal have been in controversies. Simi Grewal is an actress from a few decades where actresses used to wear suits and sarees. Simi Grewal once created panic in Bollywood by giving an on-screen nude scene. Simi Grewal is considered to be the boldest actress of her time. Simi Grewal has a film in which she crossed all limits of boldness.

Simi Grewal gave a nude scene in this film


Bollywood industry’s famous actress Simi Grewal was very much discussed in the 1970 film ‘Mera Naam Joker Hai’. Simi Grewal was seen opposite Raj Kapoor in this film. In this film, Simi Grewal is seen changing clothes behind the bushes. It was shown that even this scene created panic in Bollywood. Apart from this, Simi Grewal gave a bold scene in a film which was banned by India. Simi Grewal also gave a very bold scene in the film ‘Siddharth’ released in 1972. In this film, Simi Grewal created a stir by giving a nude scene.

The film was banned in India

Simi Grewal’s Siddharth film was banned by India. Simi in front of Shashi Kapoor in this scene. nude Simi Grewal Was shown and his hands were folded. This scene also got a place in many famous English magazines. This film was in a lot of controversies, it was banned in India. Simi Grewal has worked in more than one hit films in her career.

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