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Raveena Tandon’s daughter spotted at the airport in a casual look

Raveena Tandon: Bollywood industry’s famous actress Raveena Tandon always wants to be known for her strong acting. Raveena Tandon has earned a lot of name and respect in her career. Raveena Tandon has once again come into the limelight. In fact, this time Raveena Tandon has come into limelight not because of herself but because of her daughter Rasha Thadani. Like Raveena Tandon, her daughter is also very beautiful. Raveena Tandon’s daughter Rasha was recently spotted at the airport. During this, his casual style has been liked by the fans. Many pictures and videos have come out from the airport. Which are becoming increasingly viral on social media at the moment.

Rasha was seen in a beautiful look


Rasha, daughter of Bollywood industry’s famous actress Raveena Tandon, has recently been spotted at the airport. During this, Rasha was seen in a cool look. In her own style, she was seen in blue and black color wears in the mobile. Rasha Thadani is seen looking beautiful wearing a black top and blue lower with her hair tousled. The beautiful smile on Rasha’s face is leaving fans heartbroken.

Raveena’s daughter Rasha Thadani graduates

Raveena Tandon recently shared some pictures on social media. During which he told that his daughter has now graduated. Rasha Thadani, daughter of actress Raveena Tandon, is now a graduate. Rasha studied at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. Raveena shared pictures of her daughter’s graduation ceremony on social media. Social media users also shower a lot of love on these pictures.

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