Wow! langur’s love for education

Ranchi. The incident of high school in Chauparan block of Hazaribagh district has become a topic of discussion among people nowadays. Yes, we are talking about the same langur (Colobines) who comes to the school every morning with all the students and leaves the school only after the holiday. Interestingly, he is not causing any harm.
The activities of the langur in the Government High School, Danua in Chauparan block have become a matter of curiosity and the videos and pictures of his presence in the school office from classrooms are going viral. Ratan Verma, the headmaster of the school, says that it reaches the school premises as soon as the school opens at nine in the morning and usually leaves only after the holiday in the evening. A week ago, when he suddenly entered the ninth grade of the school, the students were terrified. He did no harm to anyone and sat on the next bench of the class. Since then, reaching any class and sitting in the front row with the students has become a regular routine.
On Wednesday, this langur reached the headmaster’s room and sat on the table. After this the classes started, then he reached the first grade. Despite his attempts to escape, he remained in the classroom. School Management Committee chairman Sakaldev Yadav said that the forest department has been informed in this regard. A team also reached the school, but it could not catch them. (IANS)

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