Uproar in the assembly over nutrition scam

Bhopal. The main opposition Congress created a ruckus in the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly over the nutrition diet scam. Congress MLAs staged a sit-in on the Speaker’s seat and raised slogans regarding the nutrition scam.
Speaker Girish Gautam called the name of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for the statement when the proceedings started immediately after the Question Hour in the Vidhan Sabha. To which Leader of Opposition Dr Govind Singh objected and said that the Chief Minister cannot make a statement without discussing the subject on which a dozen members of the opposition have given notice of adjournment motion.
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan told the Speaker that confusions are being spread in the matter of nutritional food. The situation should be clarified in front of the public through the House. On the other hand, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr Narottam Mishra and Public Works Department Minister Gopal Bhargava said that the Chief Minister or Minister can make a statement on any subject in the House, but Leader of Opposition Dr Singh and other opposition members again opposed the statement saying that There is not a single instance in the State Legislative Assembly of a statement on the subject on which the adjournment motion has come. Members of the opposition Congress created a ruckus over this issue and there was a round of accusations between the members of the ruling party BJP and Congress. Due to this, Chouhan could not give his statement in the beginning.
At the same time, Congress MLAs sat on the ground in front of the Speaker’s podium and from there kept raising slogans in relation to the alleged nutritional food scam targeting the Chief Minister. Chouhan, on the other hand, completed the formality of reading out his statement in the midst of sloganeering.
After the statement, Speaker Shri Gautam completed the formalities of completing all the works included in the agenda, including the presentation of the first Supplementary Estimates (Supplementary Budget) for the financial year 2022-23. Four bills were also introduced by the ministers of the respective departments. (talk)

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