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Work From Home : During the Corona epidemic, most of the offices had made people work from home, some companies have so far allowed to work from home. People are facing many problems during this work from. Let us tell you that due to sitting continuously for 8 to 9 hours, many problems are being seen in the spinal cord and neck.

According to a research, it is being told that during the corona epidemic, about 41 percent of the people who started work from home are suffering from back pain and 23 percent are suffering from neck pain. Due to work from home, the sitting position of people has become very bad. Sitting in one place for a long time is causing a lot of damage to the spinal cord. This type of problem affects a person physically, mentally and emotionally.

Problems with the spine due to continuous sitting (Concept Photo – Social Media)

Multiple remedies for back pain

Sitting for a long time during work from home causes many problems in the body. Some remedies have been given to deal with this problem, which can be adopted to get rid of back pain, neck pain. If 6 minutes of walking is done every hour after sitting, then damage to the spine can be avoided. Apart from this, it has been advised to do yogasanas like Child’s Pose, Cat and Cow Pose daily.

Neck Pain Problem From Work From Home (Concept Photo – Social Media)

According to the National Institute of Health Research (National Institute of Health Research), if there is a disturbance in the spinal cord, then it affects the person both physically and emotionally. Due to continuous bending, the discs of the spinal cord start shrinking. Due to less physical activity, the ligaments surrounding the spinal cord begin to tighten. Due to this problem, the flexibility in the spinal cord starts decreasing. This results in the onset of back pain after sitting for a long time.

Back pain problem from work from home (Concept Photo – Social Media)

Due to work from home, many parts of the body are being affected by pain. Sitting position for a long time causes back pain, back pain, neck pain. To overcome this problem forever, there is a need to do yogasanas like Child’s Pose, Cat and Cow Pose daily.


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