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Why is Dillon Danis sharing pictures of Logan Paul’s soon-to-be wife? Let’s break down the whole issue surrounding Nina Agdal

Dillon Danis has recently made a lot of noise online by teasing Logan Paul’s soon-to-be wife Nina Agdal. Danis and Paul are set to have a fight in Manchester this October.

Danis is trying a new way to mess with Paul’s mind before the match. He’s bringing up Agdal’s past relationships. It all began with a picture of Agdal with Leonardo DiCaprio, who is known for dating younger women.

Danis’ move got a lot of attention on social media, with many people cheering him on to keep uncovering Agdal’s past. The Danish model has been in relationships with Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers, and Max George, the lead singer of The Wanted, among others.

Dillon Danis began continuously sharing photos of Agdal with her ex-partners, which eventually annoyed Logan Paul so much that he sent Danis a letter to stop. Even though Danis was briefly not allowed to use Twitter, he returned with even more aggression after being allowed back, sharing a video of Agdal with model Christie Brinkley’s son, Jack Brinkley Cook.

Dillon Danis is wondering why Logan Paul isn’t standing up for his fiancée

Nina Agdal’s dating history has become a topic for everyone to see lately, as Dillon Danis has been posting pictures of her almost every day. Danis also recently asked why Logan Paul hasn’t made any effort to defend his future wife.

‘El Jefe’ wrote on Twitter:

“It’s crazy to think that Logan hasn’t defended his girlfriend even once, except for trying to get my account deleted and sending me a cease and desist letter. I offered to go on his show, Impulsive, by myself and discuss it, but he declined. Deep down, the man is a coward.”

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