Why doesn’t Kejriwal sack Jain?

Hardcore honest leader Arvind Kejriwal has not yet sacked one of his ministers, Satyendra Jain, who is in jail. His portfolio was definitely given to Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia but he was not removed from the post of minister. His position is that of a minister without a department in jail. In West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee also did not remove Partha Chatterjee for a few days after his arrest, but later Mamta removed Parth from the post of minister. Mamta Banerjee, who has defended her ministers and leaders in any situation, even said that if Parth has committed a mistake, then the party will not interfere in any action according to the law. But the staunch honest leader has not yet removed his minister arrested for doing hawala business.

Now other dimensions have also been added to this, about which a petition was also filed in the court. However, the court refused to consider it. But very valid questions were raised in that petition. The petitioner had said that Satyendar Jain has become “mentally unstable” and the law states that a mentally unstable person cannot be made a minister. However, the court said that it cannot remove Jain from the post of minister considering him to be mentally unstable. Even though the court refused to remove him, it is a fact that Jain had said in the ED’s interrogation in the hawala case that he had lost his memory. They have forgotten many things. How can he remain a minister even if he has amnesia? First of all, there is no justification to keep him minister after going to jail, but when he himself is saying that he is forgetting things, then he should not be kept on the post of minister.

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