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Why didn’t Vandana and her friends get entry in a restaurant? Watch Sony SAB’s ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ to know

Saree is not only one of the most famous traditional wear of women, but it is also very important culturally for Indian women especially married women. Sakhi finds a beautiful sari in Vandana’s wardrobe, seeing that Vandana gets lost in old memories. Vandan happily shows the sari to her daughter and tells her that this sari is her wedding and is very special to her, as it is the maiden sari. In the upcoming episodes of Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya, Sakhi comes up with a cute idea of ​​celebrating ‘Maayke Ki Sari Day’ and what happens after that is both beautiful and shocking.

All the ladies are very eager to wear their saris and celebrate Maayka Ki Saree Day. Sakhi reserves the seats for all of them in a nice fancy restaurant. Radhika, Vandana, Jyoti and Yamini wear their respective beautiful saris and are ready to celebrate their special day, but the receptionist of the restaurant stops them all at the door of the restaurant. According to the rules of that restaurant, it is forbidden to go to the restaurant wearing a sari. The women get angry on this rule of the restaurant and return to their home after being sad. Sakhi decides to go to the restaurant and talk to the receptionist, but she sticks to her insistence and doesn’t want to change the rules, which enrages Sakhi and sits on a dharna outside the restaurant and says “Nari in sari”. The culture starts raising slogans of ours.


Sahil Kothari

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