Why did JMM support Murmu?

It is a question of lakhs that why Jharkhand Mukti Morcha supported Draupadi Murmu? In the letter issued by the party’s national president Shibu Soren, it has been said that she is a tribal woman, so the party is supporting her. But this is an argument for appearances. After all, in 2012, NDA also contested tribal candidate PA Sangma and then JMM was a part of NDA, so why did the party not vote for Sangma at that time? Then the party left the tribals and supported Pranab Mukherjee.

Apart from JMM, many other opposition parties like Akali Dal, BSP, JDS, Shiv Sena etc. have supported Murmu but the leader of any opposition party did not go to meet the Union Home Minister to talk about giving support, while JMM has officially given support to Murmu. He announced that Chief Minister Hemant Soren will talk to Amit Shah in this matter and then decide. So, Hemant Soren met Amit Shah in Delhi and several days later the party issued its decision regarding this.

So, there are definitely many other factors at play behind this decision. Keep in mind that Central agencies are under investigation against Hemant Soren and his family members as well as many of his close associates and officials. A case of Hemant Soren close to him is pending in the High Court, whose investigation is to be handed over to the CBI. A case of disqualification of Chief Minister Hemant Soren and his MLA brother Basant Soren is pending with the Election Commission. Apart from this, the story of 12 Congress MLAs supporting his government breaking up to support the BJP has been in the news for several months. So, they are worried about the government, they are worried about themselves and they are also worried about their family and colleagues. Are they looking to address this concern in support of Murmu? However, they also know that this can only provide short-term relief. They cannot go with the BJP at the risk of losing political capital.

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