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Why are you harming Muslims?

The government was already keeping a close eye on the Muslim organization Popular Front of India (PFI), but this time the raids on it across the country exposed it. It is not forbidden to form any organization in the name of Hindus, Muslims, Christians or any religion in India, but if that organization works to spread violence, terrorism, communalism and sedition, then it is necessary to ban it, it should also be punished. should go.

The Congress government had banned a similar organization SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) in 2006. The purpose of this organization was to liberate India and make it an Islamic nation. The disintegration of this organization led to the birth of PFI. Some Muslim extremists from Kerala started it and then three militant organizations from Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu together spread it all over the country. It also created a political party called ‘Social Democratic Party of India’.

It should be noted here that none of these organizations have the word ‘Muslim’ in their names. That is, the work has been done cleverly. The raids made on this organization have revealed that it has received crores of rupees from abroad in the name of Islam. It has worked to add oil to the fire of all the movements that have been run in the name of Islam in the last one and a half decade. It has also been said to be involved in the killing of 250 people killed in the Sri Lankan Church. It has also caught the Tamil and Malayali Muslims of Sri Lanka.

T.J., a teacher from Kerala. Joseph’s hand was also cut off by his workers saying that he had insulted the Prophet. In many states, PFI workers have also been arrested for murder. This time its offices were raided and yesterday a Kerala bandh was called, during which there was a lot of vandalism.

This organization has been banned in the past, but due to lack of concrete evidence, it has been getting exemption. If this time also the government only publicized the allegations and did not make public their concrete evidence, then the intention of the government would be doubted and its reputation would also suffer.

If the allegations against this organization are true then it has to be admitted that it is doing a lot of harm to the Muslims of India. Following the path of the Muslim League, the Muslims of India were divided, weakened, left behind in 1947. Not by making them imitators of the Arabs, but by making them true Indians, they can be saved.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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