What will be the future of women’s football in Afghanistan? This person is worried in India

Afghanistan News: With the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, there has also been a question mark on the future of players associated with all kinds of sports there. This is the reason why Shaji Prabhakaran, president of Football Delhi, who played a key role in starting and promoting football for women in Afghanistan, is now worried. They are worried that now what will happen to the women players and administrators there.

People associated with women’s football are in awe

Shaji Prabhakaran, president of Football Delhi, is also receiving repeated calls from Afghanistan and the people who organize women’s football there are very scared.

According to the Regional Development Officer of FIFA, Shaji Prabhakaran has visited Afghanistan many times. Shaji played an important role even when women’s football first started in Afghanistan in 2012.

Women’s football had also gained a lot of popularity in Afghanistan for the last 9 years. But now the fear is that the lives of those associated with women’s football may be in danger because the Taliban do not support women’s sports.

The administrators who organized football for women in different states including Kabul had also called Shaji Prabhakaran that his life was in danger. After this the Indian embassy there was closed and they did not get the time and opportunity to apply visa for India. Saji is worried about the future of all these people.

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