What Is Digital Wellbeing ? Let’s Find Out

Great technology should improve life, not distract from it.

With this slogan Google have introduced Digital Wellbeing to improve our life style.
Digital Wellbeing will help us to find a better balance between our digital and real worlds.
Google Said,
“We’re dedicated to building technology that is truly helpful for everyone. We’re creating tools and features that help people better understand their tech usage, focus on what matters most, disconnect when needed, and create healthy habits for the whole family.”


Recently Google added the reminder on YouTube.
It’s not just one app or one feature. It is an entire idea, a lifestyle change, identifying and accepting the problem that mobile technology can and does command a ton of our attention in ways that can be unhealthy.

Digital Wellbeing ! Why ?

The harsh effects of too much internet and smartphone usage have long been talked about, with smartphones commanding more and more of our attention as the years roll on. Recent studies show an uptick in smartphone usage correlating with increased mental health issues in teens, such as depression.
This phenomenon is believed to be driven primarily by the prominence of social media, with folks spending less time living their own lives to try and check in with everyone else’s. It’s what’s generally referred to as “FOMO,” or the “fear of missing out.”

It’s about helping you get back to what’s important: your life.



It begins with the app dashboard, a new feature baked into Android Pie.
The dashboard gives you an overview of your daily digital activity. It includes the overall time you spend using your phone, the time you spent within reach individual app, and how many notifications you get from those apps.
You can view all of this data by various time periods, so you’ll get a good breakdown whether you’re just interested in one particular hour or an entire week.
App nanny feature allows you to set time limits or restrict usage of apps to specific times of the day on a per-app basis to keep yourself in check. When you hit your limit, the app icon is greyed out and inaccessible.
You can activate the Wind Down feature so that at night, as you get close to bedtime, your device goes into Do Not Disturb mode and your screen fades to grayscale to help you disconnect.

Will Digital Wellbeing improve our life?

That’s up to you. Google is merely providing the data and tools. Ultimately, you make your own decisions about what is and isn’t important to you, and about how you use the products you own and services to which you’re subscribed.
If you love keeping up with friends and family on social media all day and it makes you happy, that’s OK. All of these features are there if you need them and completely out of the way if you don’t.
So ultimately Google is trying to improve overall life style of the users. This feature will be roll out to many devices in Android 9 Pie update.
Use every social media platforms but not at the cost of your dream, family, friends, time and career.

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