Weird tradition: Here the bride’s mother sleeps with the bride and groom in the honeymoon

This strange tradition is celebrated in the continent of Africa, the next day the mother of the bride gives testimony

Some days are very important in the life of every human being. In these there are some days related to marriage and marriage, such as honeymoon! People make various preparations for this day. There are different beliefs about honeymoon in the world. But what we are going to tell you now can be called the strangest tradition. Because on the first night of this marriage, the bride and groom sleep with the mother of the girl or the young man. You will be surprised to know the reason.

The continent of Africa is a different world in itself. Be it the wildlife or the tribal life here, everything is different, unique and wonderful. Even today, many strange customs and strange beliefs are in vogue here, about which people know very little. Especially when it comes to marriage, there is a strange belief in marriage, which bothers everyone.

Mentor stays together in honeymoon

While the traditions are changing with time, on the other hand the people here are still living the age-old traditions. Many tribes follow different rules at each stage of life. The same rule is also with the honeymoon. Here the bride’s mother sleeps with the bride and groom during the honeymoon.

Mentor delay is the mantra for the couple to live a happy married life

According to a report, on the honeymoon, the son-in-law’s mother-in-law lives and sleeps with her in the room. If she is not there, then in this situation the family or any other elderly woman from the neighborhood is definitely sent there. In fact, it is believed that on the first night, the mother or the elderly woman teaches the couple about a happy married life. This mentor means that the mother tells the bride what she has to do at night. The next morning, the woman in the bride and groom’s room confirmed to the rest of the family that all was well during the night. The presence of this guru is seen here not out of shame, but associated with tradition. Which is being followed even today. Thus it is believed that the newlyweds have started their married life well.

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