We are also doing the same thing that the Mughal rulers did..!

Bhopal, There is a very old saying – “History repeats itself” … Converting them into ruins and hoisting their religious flags in their place, today we are also on the way to repeat the same history and are searching for the ancient remains of our temples at non-Hindu places of worship, the then rulers of that time were also influenced by religion and immoral. Work was done and today we are also going to do the same after being affected by religious sentiments, after all what do we have to gain from it? Is there a shortage of places of worship in our country today, which we are searching for new ancient places of worship? Or our feelings and our efforts are something else behind this act of ours? It should be a matter of self-reflection for every Indian today.

If this act would have been limited to this, it would still have been fine, but through this act we are trying to change our ancient history in the name of new research, the latest example of which is trying to prove that the world One of the seven wonders of our country, the Taj Mahal, the heritage of our country, was not built by the Muslim ruler Shah Jahan in the memory of his Baigum Mumtaz, but a parradi god had established Tejo Mahalaya (Shankar Temple) there, breaking it and making some changes there. Many arguments are also being given in the evidence of the Taj Mahal being built today, one of which is that the Mughal rulers did not name any of their construction work with the name of ‘Mahal’, now it is also It is being claimed that there are 22 rooms under the Taj Mahal, which have not been opened since 1934 till date, in these rooms there are statues, frescoes and inscriptions of Hindu gods and goddesses, now these mysterious rooms by appealing to the judiciary. A request is being made to get the rooms opened and checked. Presently Taj Mahal is under the control of UP Sunni Waqf Committee.

Exactly the same dispute is about the Qutub Minar located in Delhi, another World Heritage, according to historians, this tower was built in 1192 by the then Muslim ruler Qutubdin Aibak, he also named it after his own name. Now the Hindu organizations of the country are claiming that there are twenty-seven temples of Hindu gods and goddesses in this tower, the organizations have not only demanded the right to worship these temples through a sit-in demonstration in the past, but also changed the name of Qutub Minar to ‘Vishnu Stambh’. ‘ This tower is also one of the invaluable heritage of the world and if its name is changed then its status of ‘World Heritage’ will also be snatched, but the fanatics are not worried about this, due to this the world The existence of these two heritage sites of famous India is in danger.

It happened about the existence of our world famous heritage. Now if we talk about our pilgrimage places, then efforts are being made to bring these pilgrimage places under the purview of communalism by making new claims, the Babri Masjid incident of Ayodhya is not hidden from anyone, now this incident has been called as our famous religious Efforts are being made to replicate the pilgrimage in Kashi (Varanasi) and Mathura, it is being said that the Gyanvapi Masjid located near the temple of Baba Vishwanath ji in Varanasi has been built on the same land, on the orders of the court when the investigation team was there. When he reached, the managers of the mosque stopped him from conducting the survey, now the court is going to give directions after fixing the date of the survey again. The same dispute is now starting in Krishna Janmabhoomi (Mathura) after Ram Janmabhoomi (Ayodhya), where too it is being said about the mosque located near the temple located at Krishna Janmabhoomi that a part of the Krishna temple was demolished and built a mosque there. Hindu organization is agitating there too. Along with the Qutub Minar incident in the capital of our country, the campaign to change the names of the streets, localities is also going on, the campaign to change all the streets and localities whose place is in the name of a Muslim personality is going on.

Our judiciary has the most trouble in this context, similarly more than sixty five thousand cases are pending in the courts of our country for years, their decisions are not being done and now hundreds of cases in the courts of the country till now reach these temples and mosques. Already, on which hearing-examination etc. have also started.

In this way, the common man of the country is worried about the communal atmosphere that has been trying to create a communal atmosphere in the whole country for the last few years and gradually this atmosphere which is taking a scary form, it becomes more fearful. It is spreading and there is a government which is completely blind on this side, what will be the result after all?

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