Want to withdraw full money from PPF account before maturity, just one condition has to be fulfilled!

PPF Account Money Withdraw: Nowadays people like to invest money somewhere for their secure future. Although there are many options available in the market, the most common and reliable of these options is PPF ie Public Provident Fund. Investing in PPF not only gives you a guarantee of a secure future, but you also get tax exemption by investing in it (Income Tax Rebate). It also gives you great returns after maturity. You can open PPF account in any post office. If you want to open a PPF account for a child, then you can open it as a parent too.

Loan can be taken with the help of PPF account
PPF account is not only your future savings, but with the help of it you can take a loan in the present (Loan on PPF Account). But, for taking loan on PPF account, the government has implemented some terms and conditions (Rules on Loan on PPF Account). When your PPF account turns 5 years old, then you can take a loan on it. It has to be kept in mind that five years must have been completed in the financial year in which it is opened. But, if you can withdraw 75% of the total deposited capital after 3 years. In this case you cannot take a loan.

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You can withdraw money like this-

It usually takes 15 years for a PPF account to mature. After that you can withdraw all the deposited money. But, do you know that money can be withdrawn even earlier?

  • Yes, you can withdraw money from PPF account even before maturity.
  • You can withdraw money in case of a very dangerous disease or illness of a dependent.
  • Money can also be withdrawn for higher education of children.
  • If you are shifting abroad, then in this condition you can withdraw the money deposited in the PPF account.

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