UP Election: Subhavati Shukla, wife of his successor, will fight against CM Yogi, Akhilesh’s bets stir in the opposition camp

Akhilesh Yadav has created a stir in the BJP camp by taking down Subhavati Shukla, wife of Upendra Dutt Shukla, his most trusted ally against CM Yogi Adityanath.

The Samajwadi Party has announced the candidate against CM Yogi Adityanath, who has announced to contest from Gorakhpur in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly 2022. SP President Akhilesh Yadav has fielded Subhavati Shukla, wife of his successor Upendra Dutt Shukla, against CM Yogi. Subhavati Shukla had joined the SP on Thursday along with her two sons and this big announcement was made as soon as she joined the party. On the other hand, Bhim Army leader Chandrashekhar Azad has also announced to contest from Gorakhpur seat against CM Yogi Adityanath. It was believed that Akhilesh Yadav may announce support to Chandrashekhar standing against CM Yogi, but he surprised everyone by fielding his candidate as the SP President.

Upendra Dutt Shukla died of brain haemorrhage a year and a half ago

Upendra Dutt Shukla died of brain haemorrhage a year and a half ago, he used to have a strong hold on the BJP organization in Gorakhpur. CM Yogi Adityanath had so much faith in him that after his resignation, he honored him as the successor by giving ticket to Upendra Dutt Shukla from Gorakhpur and his wife is in the fray against CM Yogi Adityanath on SP ticket.

CM Yogi himself expressed grief by calling

Upendra Dutt Shukla was the Brahmin face of the party in the Gorakhpur region. He also held important positions such as the party’s State Vice President and Gorakhpur Regional President. Upendra Dutt Shukla died of brain haemorrhage in May 2020. Yogi Adityanath was so saddened by his untimely demise that he himself called the family and expressed grief. Upendra Dutt Shukla had contested three times from the Kauram assembly seat, but he lost all three times. Yogi Adityanath resigned from the post of Gorakhpur MP after becoming the CM of UP. After this, by-elections were held here in 2018. In this by-election, Upendra Dutt Shukla was chosen by CM Yogi as his successor, but Upendra Dutt Shukla lost the election from here as well. He was defeated by Praveen Nishad.

How is the history of Gorakhpur Sadar seat

CM Yogi Adityanath is contesting from Gorakhpur Sadar seat, SP has made Subhavati Shukla its candidate from this seat. From 1951 to 1967, only Muslim leaders won the Gorakhpur Sadar seat. In the 1967 elections, U Pratap of Jana Sangh won this seat. In 1969, Ramlal Bhai of Congress won from here. In 1974, the Jana Sangh again created a wave here and Awadhesh Kumar got the victory. In 1977, Awadhesh Srivastava of the Janata Party won the seat. In 1980 and 85, Sunil Shastri, son of former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri, seated on this seat. Since then the Gorakhpur seat went under the influence of Gorakhnath Math. In all the elections held in Gorakhpur Sadar seat from 1989 till now, the same candidate won, who got the support of the Math. From 1989 to 2017 in 8 assembly elections, the Gorakhpur Sadar seat was occupied by BJP 7 times, while a Hindu Mahasabha candidate also won from here.

What is the caste equation of Gorakhpur Sadar seat

Nishads dominate Gorakhpur Sadar seat. The number of Nishad/Kevat/Mallah voters here is more than 40 thousand. There are also 30 thousand Dalit voters in this seat. There are 20 to 25 thousand Bania and Jaiswal voters, while Brahmins are more than 30. Rajput voters are 20 to 25 thousand here, while the number of Kayasthas is also very high in Gorakhpur Sadar seat.


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