UP: Blast at Polytechnic College in Bulandshahr stirred 13 people injured, two in critical condition

Bulandshahr | Blast Polytechnic College Bulandshahr: A major incident of blast has come to light in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. In which 13 people are reported to have been burnt. There has been a stir in the area after this blast. The injured have been taken to the hospital. According to the information, this blast happened in Polytechnic College. After which there was chaos in the entire college campus.

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Blast Polytechnic College Bulandshahr: According to reports, a gas cylinder exploded in the hostel of Government Polytechnic College located behind Dibai Tehsil of Bulandshahr, UP. In the hostel of Polytechnic College, 13 people, including 10 students of the college, got scorched due to the blast in the gas cylinder inside the kitchen, of which the condition of two is said to be critical.

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Cylinder caught fire while cooking
Blast Polytechnic College Bulandshahr: So far it has come to the fore that while cooking food for the student in the hostel, gas started leaking from the cylinder and the cylinder caught fire. Which exploded. However, the gas cylinder was of 5 kg. After the accident, all the students have been admitted to Aligarh Higher Medical Center.

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