Twitter Edit Button: Edit option will be available after 30 minutes of tweeting! will be able to fix such mistakes




  • The edit button will show the user the entire original content
  • User can either delete the whole post or start over
  • Twitter announced the option of editing last month

Twitter Edit Button: Twitter may soon provide an edit button option to help its users fix errors in tweets. However, this edit button will be available to users 30 minutes after tweeting. Indeed, app researcher and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong revealed the first glimpse of the new tool on Tuesday. According to the information received from him, a user will get time to hit the edit button 30 minutes after publishing the tweet.

In this way you will be able to edit the tweet

He tweeted a video with the steps required to edit a tweet. For this the user (Twitter user) has to press a button named ‘Edit Tweet’ in the drop-down context menu and then he/she can edit the post. He said in a tweet, “The current unreleased version of Edit Tweet reuploads media (pictures, videos, GIFs, etc.) instead of reusing it. An ineffective use of bandwidth and media processing power. Turns my video into a picture.”

Will get better features than before

The Edit button will show the user the entire original content and the user can then either delete the entire post or start all over again, as the tool doesn’t show up just for grammatical errors. Earlier reports suggest that the micro-blogging platform is also going to keep a digital trace of your earlier tweets. Amid Musk’s $44 billion takeover bid, Twitter last month announced it was working to allow users to edit their tweets after posting to correct typos and errors.

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