This red colored fruit changed the fate of the farmers of Kashmir!

Those who once earned 20 thousand annually by growing Italian pears instead of traditional corn, are now earning 2.5 million per year

If a man takes a risk in life, then success kisses his feet. The story of Haji Mohammad Shafi Sheikh, a farmer from Jammu and Kashmir, is also similar. He decided to try something new in agriculture and instead of growing traditional maize, he made up his mind to do horticulture. He decided to grow an exotic red colored fruit similar to maize called italti pears. Today, twenty years later, when they look back, the results are astonishing. Haji sahib could hardly earn twenty thousand rupees in the first year and today his income has become 25 lakh rupees per year.

According to media reports, Haji Mohammad started gardening on his five acres of land two decades ago and planted Italian pear trees. Initially it was difficult but gradually the situation started getting better. Today there are 200 trees of this red colored Pearce tree in his field and he has also given employment to 25 people of the village.

Let us tell you that this is the story of the farmers of Bharova, Khalo and Shanatra villages of Bharwah in Jammu and Kashmir, who once faced drought. Today, one and a half metric tonnes of this red colored fruit is harvested annually. Not only Haji Mohammad, but other farmers of the area have also left the traditional farming and started horticulture for this fruit. The area has emerged as a major producer of this exotic fruit. Nowadays the sheikh’s son Atta Mohamed handles the business of Italian piers.

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Shivam Bangwal

Shivam Bangwal is an Indian based entrepreneur who is a tech, travel and coding enthusiast with a post graduation degree on Master's of Computer Applications. He is a founder of Youthistaan, People News Chronicle, Hitchhike TV, Branding Panther and many more.
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