This man living with three girlfriends has made a timetable for romance with everyone

In today’s time, every young man wants to make his girlfriend and dreams of spending the rest of his life with her. However, today we are going to tell you about a person who is going to marry not one but three of his girlfriends together. The name of this man living in Kenya is Stevo and he lives together with his three girlfriends. The special thing is that all three of his girlfriends are each other’s sister.

In an interview, the three sisters named Kate, Eve and Mary revealed that she is going to marry Stevo. According to reports, Stevo first met with Kate. After which Kate introduced Stevo to her two sisters. After which the four had decided to live together. All four are living happily together under one roof. He is quite loyal to all three as Stevo says.

Steve says that he is not in love with any one girl. He wants to live as a polygamous man. His three girlfriends also know this. She will always be her husband honest and faithful. Right now they are all learning a lot from each other and are taking time to make their relationship stronger. He follows a timetable. In which it has been decided who will be with Steve on which day.

Steve said that he hangs out with Mary every Monday, Kate on Tuesday and Eve on Wednesday and all get together on weekends and enjoy a good time. The three sisters say that this is the first time they are in a relationship with the same man. In March 2014, Kenya’s parliament passed a bill allowing men to marry more than one woman. This practice is considered traditional and common among Muslim communities in the country.

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Himansh Verma

Himansh Verma is a senior journalist at Youthistaan who is writing for since 2018. Himansh covers latest news and trending topics.
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