This hot and cool air purifier from Dyson works even in winter, pollution and summer

Amazon Offer On Dyson Purifier: If you want a good heater for the house in cold weather and also want comfort from pollution, then buy Dyson’s air purifier from Amazon. This is a high quality purifier which is equipped with the most features. Apart from cleaning the air up to 99%, it also acts as a heater in winter and a cooler in summer. This air purifier from the British company, which makes smart gadgets for the home, is available at a discount of 25%.

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Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Air Purifier with heater, HEPA+Activated Carbon Filter, Wi-Fi Enabled, HP07 (Black/ Nickel)

The price of this purifier hot + cool combo gadget from Dyson is Rs 66,900 but in the deal there is a full off of up to Rs 17 thousand and it is available for Rs 50,310. This DThere is also the option of No Cost EMI on yson Purifier in which you can pay its price in installment every month without paying interest.

How Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Air Purifier with heater works, This air purifier is fitted with HEPA H13 and activated carburetor filters that remove up to 99.95% of allergenic pollutants from the air. Along with this, dust, soil, pet hair, etc., also cleans bacteria, viruses and any small.

Buy Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Air Purifier with heater, HEPA+Activated Carbon Filter, Wi-Fi Enabled, HP07 (Black/ Nickel)

Features of Dyson Air Purifier

  • This air purifier is fitted with a bladeless fan, so that the air can be pure as well as cold and hot. For this, the temperature has to be set by going to the setting, after which it works both as a heater and an air purifier. You can increase its temperature in winters, which releases hot air. Equipped with HEPA 13 standard, this air purifier can also heat the entire room. Cooling can be done by reducing the temperature in summer
  • This is an air purifier that has sensors and it senses pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, VOCs, NO2. And also shows how the complete air quality is in the display.
  • Specifications of Dyson Air Purifier
  • This air purifier can be connected to WiFi. Also, you can link it to the Dyson app. In this air purifier, you can see the complete report of the air of the house and it is fully automatic, which can also be controlled with remote.
  • It has a voice assistant through which you can operate this air purifier by giving any command from Alexa, Siri or Google voice assistant and to change any setting, you can change the room temperature by giving just one voice command.
  • This air purifier has heat temperature setting, 10 air temperature setting, auto mode, night time mode, sleep timer, after which you can change its setting according to your schedule, weather and time.
  • Its bladeless fan is very easy to clean and due to its small size, there is no tension of finger or pet’s paw in it. This air purifier is also certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. And it has a two year warranty

Buy Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Air Purifier with heater, HEPA+Activated Carbon Filter, Wi-Fi Enabled, HP07 (Black/ Nickel)

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