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Think about the treatment of Hindu sage Sunak among white subjects and Sonia among Hindus!

I am Hindu, ashamed-1: I am Sanatani Hindu. After seeing and hearing, I am in the same condition as Ved Vyas after seeing the sight of Draupadi’s chirping in Duryodhana’s court in Indraprastha. Even then in Indraprastha (Delhi) there were courtiers laughing and praising the Kaurava dynasty of Hindus, so there were also ignorant people. While Yudhishthira and a few truthful-Satanani people were cursing destiny with their eyes bowed in shame and guilt. Yes, I know that the present time of the 21st century is different in terms of perspective and developments then. But the essence-tattva is the same! There is only one truth about the darkness of Hindus and the reasons for the Mahabharata. The truth of arrogance, vanity and lowliness! Whether one believes it or not, it is believed that in this same element, the Hindu community is always suffering the curse of the Pandava clan-Raghu clan versus Kauravas and Ravana clan of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Due to the corruption of Hindu intellect, he is repeatedly robbed and made a slave. In this way, it is also the essence of the experiences of mankind, which Tulsidasji has written in Ramcharitmanas that man has to face the humble-civilized versus the arrogant and the wicked. (Ujahin ek sang jag mahi. Jalaj leech jimmy gun bilgahin sudha sura sam sadhu asadhu. Janak ek jal jaldhi agadhu). Rama and Pandavas are the givers of happiness and peace, while Ravana and Duryodhana are blood suckers. Blessed is that community, that clan, which gets humble people (Shri Raghubir Parayan Jehin Nar Upaj Binit) and understand that lust, anger, ego, greed etc. of Hindus are the way to hell. (Cults of lust, anger, item, greed, all, nath hell.) If the intellect is not mature, then you will be trapped in sorcery, propaganda, elusive gimmicks and lies.

Yes, Duryodhana’s Indraprastha and Ravana’s Lanka were an elusive and arrogant network of gold. Abla was the Ashoka forest of woman’s chirharan and her captivity. That power was not only built up in the arrangements to bring down respect from conspiracy, lies, deceit, but the fifty-six inches of Ravana and Duryodhana were fooling the subjects in the conceit of their power. Whereas the poor modesty men and Pandavas of Raghukul were out of town in truth, human spontaneity and innocence and ease of faith. Across the border, he used to live a helpless life, crying for time.

It is possible on my disclosure that the devotees may take my meaning of the languri Hindu quadrupeds as nonsense thinking that Ramayana, Mahabharata, Ramcharichmanas are brahminical lies. After all, the eternal rites of humility, civility, intelligence, dignity became the slavery of Hindus. We were ruled by Yavanas, Mughals and Muslims and Whites. That’s why Hindus need arrogant, brave (Veer Bhogya Vasundhara), elusive, magician, from whom history can be avenged. Let us do what the Muslims and the whites had done and the world came at the feet of Hindu India due to the ashwamedha of the lions showing our mouths and teeth. Consider us the world guru.

Yes, today’s Kaliyugi devotee Hindu thinks like this. He doesn’t want Ramji, he doesn’t want Yughisthir, whom someone said and gave up power. Who had also given the right to information to Dhoban. Who did not do makeup ten times a day. Who did not wish for the power of opulence. The one who let his brother rule. Who did not drive the parents like Guru and Father out of the house and court. The one who even after victory lived a life of peace and quietness! Yes, we Hindus don’t want Ramji like that anymore. We want Raudra Ramji. We need bulldozer Ramji. We do not want a truthful-devout Yudhishthira with a bright character, but an authoritarian-arrogant king who runs the city’s kotwals by making false cases, making false cases, getting false investigations done, just like the Mughals ruled over the Hindus from their kotwals. was. The tribute was paid.

You must be thinking that what is the point of these things in the context of Rishi Sunak and Sonia Gandhi? But it is and that is the stigma of Hindus on a global scale. What is happening is the blazing destruction of the global Hindu image by the Hindus themselves. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sangh Parivar and devout Hindus may not know the global meaning of Sonia Gandhi and Nehru-Gandhi Parivar, but every country (be it Christian or secular) of civilized citizens and white race Presidents-Prime Ministers and its system Sonia Knows the meaning of Gandhi, where millions of migrant black Hindus live. In countries like Britain, European Union, America, the Nehru-Gandhi family is the representative of the modern civilized-democratic form of India. Sonia Gandhi has special meaning because she was born in Europe. Understand this in this way that if the Hindus in India are thrilled and thrashing about the prospect of Rishi Sunak becoming the British Prime Minister, then what about the treatment of Sonia Gandhi and her family by the Modi government? Wouldn’t hatred be building up about India’s new Hindu politics? It is quite possible to see Narendra Modi in the face of the white sage Sunak of British society and ask that if you are a Hindu then what is the guarantee that you will not trample British democracy like Narendra Modi? Won’t you speed up Britain’s democracy, media, institutions, economy in the same way that Narendra Modi has done India’s democracy in the last eight years? Are you a right-wing follower of Thatcher or of Narendra Modi?

Think, if Narendra Modi is the ideal Prime Minister among the devout Hindus in Britain-USA-Canada, then how will the native white people there have faith in the Hindu intellect and the Hindu face of Hindu rituals? What will he give the command of his country to Rishi Sunak, Kamala Harris or any Indian Sardar in Canada? Sonia Gandhi and her son, a gentle woman who has been handling the Nehru-Gandhi family and its legacy for 36 years, are being harassed in repeated police interrogations on false charges, while the white population of white-Christian western countries, White leaders, white elite class, will it be respecting the Modi government and Hindus by ignoring it as an internal matter of India?

Yes, take note that from London, Paris, Washington or Australia to Canada, the system and leaders are not fools who, like the Hindus of India, believe the least amount of power in the lie that the law has taken its course. Lies of power are sold only in India and not in global media, global think tanks and global leadership. The world is knowing, reading from social media that the Modi government is taking action in return. If Narendra Modi was questioned for ten hours during Manmohan’s rule, then Sonia-Rahul will also be questioned. The sword of being sent to jail will hang.

In fact, thousands of years of slavery have so deeply ingrained the seeds of fear and horror in the nature and character of the Hindu psyche that every Hindu leader is a devotee of power. Power is a slave. He is always frightened and worried about the power above him. But as soon as he gets a chance. Meaning if power is formed in Delhi instead of Gandhinagar, then the chance of revenge and hunger is not left. In this nature and its political idea, not only at the individual level, but also at the collective level, the society then breathes in the veils of arrogance from the vengeance of history and it disintegrates.

Hindu politics, representative of this Hindu mood, is now creating its own stigma in the world. Similarly, India has gone down in all global indices in eight years. That’s why I am waiting on which day Narendra Modi puts Sonia Gandhi and Rahul in jail. If only! Anyone in Congress would have dared to advise Sonia Gandhi that she herself should go to jail. They don’t even come out of the ED office. Catch the stubbornness to arrest me and Rahul. This will not insult Sonia Gandhi, but Hindu politics will be tarnished. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may swell his chest in Europe, America and civil-democratic countries of the whole world, but then he will face the wrath of civilized society everywhere.

What’s the difference? Sonia Gandhi was shown her position. The Gandhi-Nehru family and the Congress were destroyed. So Congress-Sonia Gandhi will not get one inch honor and one inch space. The Kaurava clan will not allow anyone to have a place to sit on their feet. Muslims do not have an inch. Mamta, Kejriwal, Uddhav, KCR, DMK, Left means there is not an inch of space for politics, honor and dignity in India for anyone. Go to the forest, to the jail. The one who is against the Kaurava clan is a traitor. Did Ved Vyas not see the same thing happening to the Pandavas in the Mahabharata? Wouldn’t Ved Vyas have understood then that in which direction Duryodhana and the Kaurava clan are taking Mother Bharati! (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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