There was a love affair going on between mother-in-law and son-in-law, both of them committed suicide together…

Barmer | Illegal Affair Rajasthan Suicide : Once again a case has come to the fore, straining relations with Barmer district of Rajasthan. It is being told that a woman allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself with her son-in-law last night. Rural police station officer Parvat Singh said that on receiving information about the incident, the police reached the spot and sent the bodies to the mortuary of the government hospital for post-mortem. He told that according to what has come out from the interrogation of the people around, the love affair was going on between the mother-in-law and the son-in-law for a long time.

Illegal Affair Rajasthan Suicide :
Image Source : Deccan Chronical

Hanged on a tree 30 km away from the village

Illegal Affair Rajasthan Suicide : The station in-charge said that in the investigation of the case, prima facie the matter of love affair is coming to the fore. Police have identified the deceased as Hotaram Bhil (age 25) and Daria (age 38). On Monday, the youth and his mother-in-law left the house without informing anyone and committed suicide by hanging from a tree on the Barmer-Munabao road, 30 km from the village, police said. The family members say that there used to be a very good relationship between the two, but both are denying the matter of love affair.

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Both hanged with the same cloth…

Illegal Affair Rajasthan Suicide : Police say that both of them had hanged the noose with the same cloth, seeing that it seems that something was going on between them. According to the police, there was a difference of 13 years in the age of both, in such a situation there seems to be a lot of truth in the words of the people and the method of suicide also points in this direction. However, the police seems to be refraining from revealing anything categorically and is saying that the situation can be clarified only after a thorough investigation of each case.

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