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The Trinity of Kharge, Digvijay Singh and Gehlot

The past week was about to scrutinize the Congress. The party was discussed all over the country. What did Ashok Gehlot and Congress MLAs do in Rajasthan, overall, Gehlot’s image was created in the country. There was no discussion that he was a traitor against the high command. On the contrary, there was a discussion between the high command, AICC office bearers and Secretary Pilot as to how these people wanted to change the leader when he was about to file nomination for the post of party president in general opinion. Similarly, his profile increased with the claim of Digvijay Singh. Then suddenly Mallikarjun Kharge’s candidature comes out and it means a lot in Karnataka and South.

The thing to think about is, was the election of the President’s post ever held in this way?

However, it is a matter of address that the party will get an elected Congress President some three years after Rahul Gandhi resigns! It took Congress so long to decide. This work could have been done by Rahul Gandhi only when he resigned. After his resignation, I wrote a gossip in the gossip column on 9th July 2019 with the title – Yes, Naseeb has Rahul too!

Consider these lines written in it – I wrote on the very first day of Rahul Gandhi’s resignation that he has resigned, so he even knows what he wants? After two months today, Rahul himself should sit with his mother and sister and think that when he resigned, did he think of all that happened in the Congress after his resignation? The stampede, the uncertainty, the irresponsibility that exists in the Congress today, did Rahul Gandhi anticipate all that?… Yes, even in a single Congress leader, the working committee or any Congress think tank, there is not even enough understanding in the system that if there is a crisis, he will how to exit There is neither internal politics in Congress nor the materiality and vision of external politics!

Think, such a big and old party and so many faces but without politics! Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have proved in the seven years since 2012 that they are the grandmasters of politics. Able to handle everything in the slyness of politics. Sam-Dam-Dand-Bhed is a master of all the remedies, whereas in these seven years, from Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi to Dr. Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram, Ahmed Patel etc., all the members of the working committee have repeatedly proved it. That they do not even know that if a consummate player comes in front of him in the game of chess, then how to play in front of him? What’s the gameplan? Who is the captain and how to keep the team organized?

This was followed by the title of the second item of the gossip – Aaj Karnataka and onwards…

My disclosure in this was – “Gaabbaat baat jo karnataka government crisis and Rahul Gandhi in America! Neither Rahul Gandhi appeared active to solve the political problem of Karnataka nor his number one general secretary and Karnataka in-charge Venugopal appeared active.

“…Similar crisis is to come on the governments of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan also. Modi-Shah will never allow these governments to run for five years. But there is no concern in AICC and neither the Chief Minister is worried nor there is any roadmap of the general secretaries in charge. In fact, in both these states, the same mood has started forming among the Congress people and MLAs, as it gradually developed in Karnataka. Yes, in Karnataka too, the politics of Congress leader Siddaramaiah etc. created a rebellion and the government disintegrated. Whatever, Rahul Gandhi, his team and the office bearers of AICC, Congress MLAs, MPs (from Maharashtra to Punjab) in all the states including Karnataka. Telangana, Andhra all sides) is a huge opportunity for Modi-Shah to finish the Congress. And don’t miss this chance. , Then there is the question of lakhs that what will happen next for the Congress? When will the next president be decided?

Think, some three years ago without the President’s writing on the Congress, what truth-truth came out of my lines? Government in Madhya Pradesh. Sachin Paylan along with BJP did everything possible to topple the Congress government in Rajasthan. Innumerable Congress leaders were sold in Modi-Shah’s market and nothing happened in the mission of Congress free India?

If that leader came in front of the faces of the old, Khanty leaders, if the Congress did politics after October? If Digvijay Singh and Ashok Gehlot are made leaders of opposition and working presidents, if strategy is made in the formulas of north-south, then Congress will be able to make a power to contest elections in north India as well.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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