The store asked for mobile number and email id again from MP Mahua Mitra, who went to buy trousers for father.

Trinamool Congress leader and MP Mahua Mitra has always been recognized for her aggressive style in Parliament. However, this time he has opened his front against one company only. Actually it happened that when Mahua Moitra went to the store in Delhi to buy clothes, then during billing, he was pressurized to give his mobile and email id. Due to this, she became very angry and expressed her displeasure by tweeting, as well as asked many questions to the company regarding privacy.

MP Mahua Mitra tweeted that when he went to get trousers for his father, the manager pressured him to give his email id and number. Which is a violation of their right to privacy. On the reaction of users after her tweet, Mahua Mitra also replied that she had come only for shopping and did not want to take advantage of any kind of membership in future. For this reason she was not obliged to give her personal details. However, pressure was put on him to give the number and email id.

He also said that he always buys stuff from Decathlon UK. But he was never asked for his mobile number. Email is also sought in case one needs a paperless receipt. It is clear that the Indian branch of the company is fooling the customers. Which is not eligible in any way.

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