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The nephew mentioned the last moments of Gufi Paintal

Gufi Paintal: TV industry veteran actor Goofy Paintal has said goodbye to this world this morning. Gufi Paintal played the character of Shakuni Mama in BR Chopra’s Mahabharata and today he has made his mark among millions of viewers. At the age of 80, Goofy Paintal said goodbye to this world, on hearing the news of his demise, a wave of mourning ran among his fans. After the death of the same veteran artist, his nephew has mentioned the last moments.

Hiten Paintal remembered the last moment


Talking to reporters, Gufi Paintal’s nephew and famous actor Hiten Paintal told that, ‘Gufi Uncle passed away this morning. 9:00 am He passed away This morning has been very tough for all of us. Gufi uncle’s health was improving but he died in the morning even though he had woken up in the morning. During this, he had a little conversation with us and fell asleep even after that. After that he could never get up again. He died in his sleep.

Gufi Paintal was recovering

Just a few days back, his nephew told that Gufi Paintal is recovering. His condition was improving. He had many problems according to his age, due to which he was very ill. He also had problems with heart disease and kidney. The doctors also said about his condition that he is recovering now. The heart had stopped working.

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