The groom got married in the current flight itself!

Penterson and Jeremy, living in Oklahoma, USA, planned to get married in Las Vegas, then something happened that had to be done on a plane.

For any young man or girl, his wedding day is a special day. People keep thinking of various tricks to make their marriage unique. People are ready to do anything to make their marriage unique. To make the wedding memorable, people start preparations months in advance. But sometimes preparations and planning do not work much and something happens that no one would have thought about. Something similar happened with a couple from America, who recently got married in the air. The couple surprised everyone by getting married with the consent of the pilot in the airplane. The passengers aboard the airplane have become witnesses of this unique marriage. And something similar happened with a couple. Despite the preparations, the situation became such that a couple got married in the flight itself.

According to the information, Panterson and Jeremy, living in Oklahoma, USA, planned to get married in Las Vegas. For this he had also booked a flight. Ahead of their wedding, Panterson and Jeremy traveled from Oklahoma to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport but their connecting flight was canceled for some reason. At first he was thinking of postponing his marriage. But in the meantime, he met a man named Chris. Chris tells him that he can get them both married. Immediately after this, tickets for all three were booked for Las Vegas on Southwest Airlines. Then the couple got married in an airplane. The pilot then saw Panterson in a wedding suit. After this the painter narrated the whole story to the pilot. The groom, Pam Painters, told the pilot that he would now get married in flight. The pilot agreed to the idea and the crew helped with the wedding preparations.

After this everyone traveling on the flight attended the wedding of Pam and Jeremy. Meanwhile, a professional photographer present on the flight voluntarily clicked the pictures, after which the marriage took place for four months. Southwest Airlines shared a video and some pictures from the wedding.

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