The dance video of the woman who lost both her legs in the Russian attack came, these stories are heart touching

On March 27, the couple going to their house in Lisichansk in the Luhansk region of Ukraine, the victim of the Russian attack, the woman lost her leg, the husband encouraged

A Ukrainian nurse who lost both her legs in a landmine blast has shared a video of herself dancing with her husband for the first time. This heart touching video is going viral on social media. Newlyweds Oksana Balandina and Viktor Vasilyev have shared a video of their first post-wedding dance in a hospital ward in Lviv, Ukraine.

According to reports, on March 27, while the couple was on their way to their home in Lisichansk in Ukraine’s Luhansk region, Nurse Balandina came under Russian attack. The nurse lost both her legs in the incident. “When the blast happened, all I could say was, Honey, look,” says Balandina. When he looked at me, I was lying face down on the ground. I had a serious head injury. I was suffocating. He was having trouble breathing. While Vasiliev, who was sitting behind, was saved safely. The whole incident happened in a minute, Balandina said.

About this Vasiliev says that Oksana is very strong. Even after this she did not faint. I didn’t understand what to do. After this took Oksana to the hospital. He was treated for a month. The doctors tried a lot. In the end, the doctors had to amputate both his legs and four fingers of his left hand. Vasiliev says that many of those days were spent everyday in a dark place. Balindana, who has given up hope of living after this incident, says that she does not want to live such a life. She continues, “I have two children. They have a 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter and I did not want to be a burden to anyone. Later Vasiliev motivated and I also understood. It’s not the end of life. If God left me alive then it is my fate.

Let us tell you that both the children of Balindana are living with their grandparents in the Poltava region of central Ukraine. After the wedding, the couple is set to move to Germany, where Balandina is expected to have a prosthetic leg.

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