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With technology arriving this quickly, information about how to use it correctly can come and go just as fast. There are many myths regarding technology. So we asked some Technology related questions to The Tech Expert Yash Bhatt. Let’s find out the truth of the technology.


1. You shouldn’t charge your gadget overnight.
Yes this is true. Charging overnight cuts batteries’ overall life. It damages battery like anything. I am concerned about it so much, that I even don’t recommend charging till 100%, charge till 90 max. It extends the battery’s life and performance, also you will see a sudden drop-down on batter percentage over longer use because of charging overnight.


2. Don’t use third-party chargers.
This is also true. Don’t use third ​​party chargers, because it can damage a battery. See, electronic parts have a synergy with each​ ​other. If you use third party charger, it is not sure how it will react. It may also be the prime cause of battery overheating or Extreme blast ! ?


3. Private browsing ( incognito ) is totally private.
​Nope ! Don’t even think about it. When it comes to browsing history, it is always visible to 3 people. Your service provider, your employer if they are moderating your device, and the government.


4. The more megapixels means better picture quality.
This is a clear myth. It always depends on camera sensor, its capacity to gram more light, and never on the megapixel. It is our human nature to understand, the more, the better. But it is not true in every case.​


5. More network bars on your mobile phone mean better service.
​Our network providers always cheat with us, by showing full network bars. But in reality the situation is that your phone may be out of reach. Be it Vodafone, AirTel or anyone. All of them always cheats on the network bar situation. So I consider this as a myth.


6. Jailbreaking your Phone, iPod or tablet is illegal.
​It is not illegal, but it is not recommended. Because Jailbreaking any of your device means you have void the warranty. And now you are on your own. So don’t do it. ​


7. Using a cell phone at a gas station pump is a fire risk.
​We have seen such videos where because of cell phone usage while filling the vehicle has caused the fire. So it is safe to assume it is a clear risk. We all can at least avoid gadgets for 2 minutes. ​


8. More cores means better performance.
Yes. But also the clock speed is also important. ​


9. Turn down phone screen brightness, to extend battery life and screen life.
Yes. This is true. Lowering brightness can extend battery performance.


10. Excessive cell phone use can cause cancer or other health problems.
​This is debatable. While there are some research going on, this topic is still not concluded at final level.



That’s all in this Tech article. Thank You Yashsir for the information !

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If you have any doubt regarding technology then feel free to ask in comment section below. We will try our best to help you.

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