Team India is the favorite to win the World Cup, Gautam Gambhir told Pakistan weak

The team to reverse is Afghanistan

Gambhir has described Afghanistan as a team to upset. Gambhir said, “You cannot underestimate Afghanistan. Players like Rashid Khan can make a difference. This also applies to Pakistan but yes the pressure will be on Pakistan.”

Afghanistan players play in the Indian Premier League and this has given the team a chance to improve. Gambhir said, “I believe that if any one team will participate in this tournament as a hidden system, it is Afghanistan. Apart from this, he has players like Rashid Khan, Mujeeb and Mohammad Nabi. You can’t take these players lightly.”

Gautam Gambhir however considers Group A tougher than Group B. India and Pakistan are part of Group B and will see a clash between the two teams on October 24. 

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