Surat: Unprecedented audience response to Veer Isha No Seemant

A film with a light comedy and a story that touches everyone’s life…Veer Isha No Seemant

The family comedy film ‘Veer Isha No Seemant’, slated to release on Friday, September 9, premiered in Ahmedabad on Thursday. As soon as the film was released, it became a topic of discussion due to its subject. Starring Malhar Thakar and Pooja Joshi, directed by Neeraj Joshi and produced by Dhruvin Dakshash Shah, the film has been receiving good reviews from film critics and general audience alike, with light-hearted family comedy and touching themes of everyone’s life. This seems to be the main reason.

The magic of the pairing of Malhar Thakar and Neeraj Joshi

The actor-director duo of Malhar Thakar and Neeraj Joshi have given several critically acclaimed films like “Conditions Apply” and “Cash on Delivery” in the past and in this film too, the magic of both of them has worked once again. The eagerness of the audience is clearly visible to see the romantic pairing of Malhar and Pooja on the big screen in such a small amount. Apart from this, the performances of veteran actors like Anurag Prapann, Firoz Bhagat, Sonali Lele and Chhaya Vora have helped in making the film stronger. If film critics are to be believed, then Malhar will get his fans to perform again. Malhar’s comedy timing is amazing. Pooja has also handled her emotional scenes very well. Mara Vhala’s character also makes people laugh a lot with her small but important role.

Social and emotional film for the audience

Film critics have again praised Neeraj Joshi’s direction, the director has tried to portray the mental and emotional feelings of a newly wed couple Veer and Isha towards their own family and society, soon after their marriage for a child. Which will force the audience to be attracted to the theaters with the family.Kedar- Bhargava has conveyed the emotions of this film to the audience with his music. Both the songs from the movie “Maaja Ke Saja” and “Family Che Family” are touching.

Navkar Production will soon make a mark in the Gujarati cinema world

The trailer of Navkar Production’s upcoming film ‘Medal’ at the beginning of the film has also left a deep impression on the people. After watching the trailers of “Veer Isha No Seemant” and “Medal”, it seems that Navkar Production will soon make a prominent place in the Gujarati cinema world. Navkar Productions was launched in 2016 by founders Dhruvin Shah and Shlok Rathod. Launched as a production house to create, promote and broadcast quality content across the globe, Navkar Productions produced its debut film “Superstar”. Understanding the needs of the region over the years, Navkar has laid the foundation for new Gujarati content for audiences across the globe. To publish content, create content and foster the talent that brings content to life, Navkar Productions has forayed into multiple disciplines.

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Sahil Kothari

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