Surat: Dussehra knock in automobile market, more than 2500 two wheelers and more than 1200 cars sold

Jaguar worth 2 crores, 10 BMWs including small to high-tech cars were sold during Dussehra

Surat city is considered as the growth engine of Gujarat. Being an industrial city, the environment of each industry here affects the entire state. The practice of buying vehicles on Dussehra has been going on for years. Today, customers are buying cars according to the Muhurta throughout the day. Today in a single day more than 2500 two wheelers and 1200 hi-tech cars including Jaguar, 10 BMWs, 3 Audis worth 2 crores have been sold.

Huge crowd seen at two wheeler and four wheeler showrooms

People like to buy vehicles on the day of Dussehra. It is booked one and a half months in advance. Customers take post booking delivery on Navratri days and especially during Dussehra days. There was a rush of delivery takers in the showroom since this morning.

This time the sale of cars in the city was very good.

Today delivery of bookings going on for a couple of months

According to the data of booking done for delivery today in Surat city, the sales of two wheelers and four wheelers are also doing very well. According to an estimate, more than 2500 two wheelers and 1200 four wheelers will be sold across the city in various forms. The way the booking has been done, one thing is certain that this time the sale of cars in the city has been very good.

bought a car in good time

Dakshaben Sutaria said that we had booked the car in the auspicious time and took its delivery today on the day of Dussehra itself. I wanted to give a two wheeler to my daughter as a gift. Therefore, the day of Dussehra is considered very important today, traditionally buying a vehicle on this day is considered auspicious. So we have reached the showroom in good time to take the delivery keeping in view the time. On the day of Dussehra, the delivery of vehicles is being given one by one since morning.

Auto mobile sector boom after two years

The owner of the showroom said that the situation in the auto mobile sector is looking very good. We have started the delivery of vehicles throughout Navratri as per the bookings from the very first Navratri itself. But most of the customers prefer to take delivery on Eighth and Dussehra. Cars are being delivered one after the other on the day of Dussehra. The sales of two wheelers and four wheelers have been better than expected. However, seeing the way bookings were coming for a month or so, we had a feeling that this time during Navratri the sales of cars will be very good and all the showrooms across the city are selling well.

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