Surat: Debutant actress Shikha Chaudhary Dogra impressed with her first web show ‘Ruhaniyat’

This show running on mx player is trending in top 5 shows

Shikha Chaudhary Dogra managed to win over millions of hearts with her impressive acting abilities in her first web show ‘Roohaniyat’ which is airing on MX Player. Currently this show is trending in top 5 shows. When Shikha was signed to play a pivotal role in the series, she never thought that not just the show but her character would also be highly appreciated.

Notably, in Roohaniyat, actor Arjun Bijlani plays the role of a mentally disturbed man who is in search of love. Shikha plays his friend, philosopher and a psychiatrist who helps him deal with his mental problems. Shikha says lovingly, “In the show I was trying to help Arjun overcome his problems, but actually, being a new actor, he really supported me during the shoot. He is a very hard working actor. And I am glad that in my very first show itself, I got a chance to work with such a wonderful actor.”

After receiving much appreciation for her character and love story cum thriller show, Shikha Chowdhary Dogra said, “There is nothing like being successful in your first attempt and getting so much love and affection for your acting debut. I love Endemol me.” I would like to thank you for casting. Interestingly, while offering me this show, the production house clearly told me that my character will not end in the first season but will continue in the coming seasons as well. Being a debutant actor As for, what better offer could I have?”

Interestingly, for 7 years, Shikha Chaudhary Dogra hosted a serial based show on a very popular news channel. But later due to some unavoidable circumstances he had to leave the channel and then he took a long sabbatical. After taking a long break, I was thinking about what to do next in life. I have been a creative person all my life, so I thought of giving acting a try. Anyway, I was expected to do a lot of drama during the anchoring of the show. Naturally, I was always inclined towards acting and hence I decided to do a web show instead of joining another news channel. I am glad that I said yes to Ruhaaniat and chose it as my first show.”

Shikha said that the success of her first show has given her a lot of confidence as an actor. She says, “Whether it is web shows or films, I will continue to do such writer-backed roles in the future. As an actor, I would love to do roles where I can justify doing it. The good news is that I have to do that. Already getting many. Acting offers which I am considering. I want to choose about my acting work. Soon I will announce about some of my projects.

Shikha says that she wants to contribute something to the film industry not only as an actor but also as a creative person. So she has opened a production house with her husband Abhishek Dogra, who is also a director. Shikha says, “We have already shot a comedy film under our production house named Cardboard Films, which is now on the edit table. Directed by my husband Abhishek Dogra, the film will release in theaters soon and later. Some will stream on OTT.

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