Surat: Chamber of Commerce organized a seminar on Human Resources

Equality, trust, training, innovation and the right opportunities can be a game changer in bridging the gap between employers and employees in the 21st century.

A Seminar on Human Resources: Impact in Growth of an Organization was organized by South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Samridhi, Nanpura, Surat. Retired Vice President (HR) of Reliance Industries Limited Rajesh Shah, former Chairman of Chamber of Commerce B. s. Kunal Mehta, Managing Director and CEO, Agarwal & Mehta Wealth Limited gave valuable guidance to businessmen about the impact of HR for the growth of companies and organizations.

HR identifies talent in employee: Himanshu Bodawala

Chamber of Commerce President Himanshu Bodawala said that HR plays an important role in establishing coordination between management and employees in companies and organizations, but there are many other things related to HR as well. HR identifies talent in the employee and directs it to the CEO.

Talent is easy to acquire, but difficult to maintain

Chairman Rajesh Shah said that the HR concept came about when there was competition in the industry, challenges of national and international level and diversification. It is not right to sack an employee if the employee is making sincere efforts and still not getting the desired results. This cannot happen in today’s world. HR also has to identify the talents of the employees. Skill alone cannot be called talent. Talent comes when an employee is capable of performing many tasks in addition to skill. Such talent is easy to acquire but difficult to maintain. Unfortunately, such talent is now running out.

Try to make employees self-reliant

While technical training is given to the employees as per the requirement of the company, behavioral training is also necessary for them. Good work should be rewarded. Diversification among companies is also essential. Women employees are also needed now. The latent potential of women employees can be harnessed. Hybrid work culture is giving good results. Efforts should also be made to make the employees self-reliant.

Employees should be given a chance to grow up

Speaker, Kunal Mehta said that right work culture should be brought in as the human resource system is changing and technology is being accepted. Companies and organizations should adopt a culture of ’employees first, customers second’. Leaders in the company should give the employees a chance to grow up. For this they have to be given proper training and have to be trusted. For the progress of the company, suggestions should be taken from the employees after discussing with them. Employees should value five things like empathy, trust, training, innovation and openness. He elaborated on the changed dynamics of HR post-Covid.

To take care of the interests of the employees and give due respect

Speaker B. s. Aggarwal said, the company has to prepare employees who work with their understanding. HR has to understand which employees can be trained. The interests of the employees have to be taken care of and due respect has to be given to them. The fruits of the company’s growth should also reach the employees. For that HR has to play the role of establishing a good management system in the company.

HR is also human relations

Chamber of Commerce Group Chairman and Senior Trainer and Growth Strategist Mrinal Shukla acted as the moderator. Initiating the program, he said that human resource is not only human resource but also human relations. Chamber’s Vice President Ramesh Vaghasiya and Honorary Treasurer Bhavesh Gadhia conducted the function in the seminar. The seminar was conducted by Ashwin Sudani, a member of the Chamber’s Human Resources and Training Committee. Other members of the committee, Dipesh Dasadia and Kamlesh Dave introduced the speakers. Chamber’s Honorary Minister Bhavesh Taylor concluded the seminar by expressing his gratitude for the survey.

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