Surat: 2nd edition of three day ‘CMAI Fab Show’ organized by the Textile Manufacturers Association of India

SGCCI President Himanshu Bodawala said that the first edition of Fab Show organized by CMAI was attended by South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Surat as SGCCI Pavilion in 1000 square meter area. In which 48 textile industrialists from Surat displayed their products like fabric, made-ups, georgette, chiffon, crepe, satin, logistics and narrow fabric etc. Surat’s textile industry benefited immensely from the SGCCI pavilion in this fab show. Hence, South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also joined the second edition of CMAI Fab Show. Organized in association and support of SGCCI, this fab show is attended by a large number of fabric manufacturers and suppliers from Surat.

SGCCI pavilion at CMAI’s Fab Show

Ramesh Vaghasia, Vice President, SGCCI said, This time around 50 textile industrialists from Surat have participated in the SGCCI pavilion and innovative new clothes will be displayed by them. Some of Surat’s top fabric manufacturers like Gokul and Kathika will showcase their unique products at the show. The Kathika brand is presented by Lepa. Experts in the PreWea Ikat (Previ Ikat) technique bring a new look to the visuals on the fabric, which was never possible before. Zero water discharge printing, slow fashion transformation process and artistic design, durable and reliable man-made fabric all combine to create a product that solves all textile problems. With the use of this technology, all the problems that the textile industry was facing today have been overcome.

There will also be fashion shows showcasing the products of various manufacturers in Surat.

Eco-friendly-natural fabrics with value addition will be displayed by Gokul Tech Print, which is 4000 years old. These fabrics are durable even in modern times and can be used for revolutionary waterless printing. Surat will showcase the fabrics that can be made from the newly developed fabrics. The simple cloth makers will get another chance to showcase their clothes to the buyers from India and abroad. The three days long fab show will also have two days of exciting fashion shows showcasing the products of various manufacturers in Surat. One of the unique features of this fab show is the theme pavilion, which focuses on sustainable clothing. Textile industry and foreign buyers will get information about new fabrics developed in India.

Brands from home and abroad and top buyers from the apparel industry will attend this fab show

Dr. Ajay Bhattacharya, South Gujarat Regional President, CMAI and former President of SGCCI, said that CMI has been organizing National Garment Fair in Mumbai for the last 40 years and has organized 75 successful National Garment Fairs so far. The last ‘CMAI Fab Show’ was organized by CMAI on 11th, 12th and 13th April, 2022 in Mumbai for the first time. It was inaugurated by Darshanaben Jardosh, Minister of State for Textiles and Railways of India. Organized in an area of ​​10,000 square meters, this fab show attracted buyers from different states of the country as well as nine other countries of the world. The exhibitors received an overwhelming response with a total of 1,700 buyers visiting the fab show over the course of three days.

After the overwhelming response to the first edition, the second edition was organized

After the overwhelming response to the first Fab Show organized by CMAI, CMAI has now organized the second edition. The ‘CMAI Fab Show’ will be held on September 19, 20 and 21, 2022 at Jio World Convention Center in Mumbai on a sprawling space of over 15,000 square metres. In which more participants and buyers are expected than the first fab show. Not only from India but from other countries of the world, top brands and top buyers from the apparel industry will be visiting this fab show. The fab show will see garment manufacturers, apparel brands, exporters, vendors and designers from across the country for sourcing. Generally, apparel manufacturers have to depend on various sources to manufacture readymade garments. Hence this fab show of CMAI will do the important job of gathering all the sources under one umbrella. Hence, apparel manufacturers will be exposed to multiple merchants on a single platform and the apparel industry will get more impetus for growth.

CMAI can guide Surat’s apparel and apparel industry

It may be noted here that CMAI is the oldest and well-known organization at the national level to make efforts for the development of the Garment and Apparel Industry. Important presentations are also given by CMAI in the state and center. Hence CMAI can guide and show the right direction to the apparel and apparel industry of Surat. Along with this, the apparel and apparel industry can also be made aware through various programs.

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