Surat: 100% work of Diamond Burs completed, Ganesh will be installed on June 5

Owners of 4200 offices will be invited for Maha Aarti together

Reunification program has been organized for the members to be present

The construction work of Surat Diamond Burs has been completed 100 percent and on 5th June, the owner of 4200 offices by setting up Ganesh and lighting 4200 diyas. Mastery will do. The diamond industrialists of the city are waiting for the inauguration of Surat Diamond Burs at the earliest. 100% construction of Diamond Burs in Khajod Has been completed.

All the offices of Surat Diamond Burs are given furniture making possession in 300, 500 and 1000 square feet. Due to 100% completion of work On June 5 at 5 pm, there will be Ganesh installation, Maha Aarti and meeting of members in Surat Diamond Burs Khajod. In this program, first Ganesh ji was established. Then the owners of 4200 offices will perform Maha Aarti by lighting 4200 diyas. Also, if any member has any question, he can also ask.

Efforts have been made to start Diamond Burs as soon as possible. Vallabh Lakhani, Chairman, Surat Diamond Burs says, “The construction work of Diamond Burs is 100 percent complete. all in one program at a time A reunion program has been organized for the members to be present. We are working hard to start Diamond Burs as soon as possible. are.

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