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Stupid race, Foolish politics

What is politics, what is governance and what is civilization! If you ask a Hindu what is politics, then Tulsidasji’s chaupais will be heard?… ‘Hoihein wahi jo ram rachi rakha’! ‘Kau nirpa ho harm to us’ or ‘rarely dharmasya…’. Ask Hindus what is governance? So the stories of Ramji’s Paduka rule, Chanakya’s Chandragupti Raj and King Harishchandra and Vikramaditya! If you ask for opinion in customs and policy, then you will hand over all the food providers, salt donors, patrons, mother-father-hukum to the king and write Prithviraj Raso, Akbarnama, Nehru’s Discovery, Modinama for the Mughals, Nawabs and princely states.

The truth and this is the Hindu history of the last thousand years that what the Hukum, the court and the Prime Minister did was head on the eyes. Then how is it possible in the twenty-first century, who as a Hindu modern man should run his mind on politics, governance and policy. Think that in a democracy, where power is enjoyed in India by horse-trading, making people apolitical-stub, where is it in other civilized countries of the world? Where is such a government and such a people who take pride in the style of governance of the bulldozer tool? Where is such a policy-making, in which the army of the country’s security is thrown into the fire of rapid training and its generals sit together and wow the king’s decision in the press conference!

This week there are four experiences of the Hindu king, politics, governance, and policy. One, by giving fodder and water, the fencing of MLAs in Surat-Guwahati! Obviously, in the time of the mighty Hindu king of the 21st century, Narendra Modi, politics meant intimidation and buying. Two, the Uttar Pradesh government’s false affidavit in the Supreme Court that bulldozer justice is legally correct. Three, the defense of Agneepath by the army chiefs in the press conference and intimidation of the youth. Four, in the total politics of the country, the ruling class decided to make Adivasi Draupadi Murmu the President after Ramnath Kovind as the first citizen. It is not difficult to understand what are the features of politics in today’s utility of Kovind and Murmu.

But if a Hindu was capable of understanding, understanding and real intelligent, then what would have been the behavior of such a country and people? While walking in the park on Wednesday morning, a job worker abusing Uddhav Thackeray told me – his father did Hindu politics all his life but what did he do, formed the government with Muslims-Congressmen. This must be learned. The next day, Shinde, a rebel Shiv Sena, had to say the same to Guwahati. This is a hallmark of the fact that the Hindu mind is now without options. The mind has become stuck. It is not possible to have thoughts, choices, thinking back and forth, blossoming and becoming. The whole race of common concern, mind and intellect among 140 crore people is a condition formed in Hindu versus Muslim. Whatever may be (elections, power, governance, customs, economy, media, narrative, foreign policy, faces, writings etc.) everything will have a Hindu mind with a Muslim perspective. In all policies from demonetisation to bulldozers, the stupid mind will catch the Muslim angle and rationale. Similarly, Uddhav, Mamta, Rahul, all those rejected in the election or in the whole politics, which are visible in the direct or indirect shadow of the Muslim. In this case the devout Hindu mind is bulldozing into the worship of power, writing rituals and chanting chaupais. The second thing is not to think or listen.

Like the talk of retired honorary Captain Bana Singh of military background receiving Param Vir Chakra on Agneepath scheme. He has warned – Agneepath scheme will have to pay a ‘heavy price’. He said that this plan will destroy the army and will benefit Pakistan-China. He said that the Agneepath scheme can benefit the enemies of India. Being a soldier is not a game. It takes years of training for this. What kind of training will they get in just six months’?… ‘It doesn’t matter what any one person says. The whole country has to say this. The country will have to pay a huge price for this (Agneepath scheme).

Think, this thought of a true-valorous soldier who made a record of bravery in Siachen. Shouldn’t this be taken seriously by the government and the policy makers? But if the protector-Annadata has decided, then there is no meaning in what anyone says in the stuck mind. He is mad and Modiji is God.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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