Students will get free smartphones and tablets through this portal, updates will be available like this


UP Govt Portal: Smartphones and tablets are to be given to students in UP. The entire system is free for distribution of tablets and smartphones to the students. For this registration has been made DG Sakrti portal. Through this portal, tablets, smartphones and content will be distributed to the students. Students do not need to register anywhere other than this portal. The entire system from registration to delivery is free. After registration, students will continue to get complete information about smartphones and tablets on their registered mobile number and email id. Government Medical, Technical, Nursing and Skill Development Program will be given to the enrolling students.

DG Sakrti Portal is not launched yet. Tender has been issued for this. This tender has been issued through GeM portal. Companies whose tablets are to be given include Vistel (Iris), Samsung (Vision) and Acer (Celcon). On the other hand, Lava, Samsung (Celcon) and Samsung (United) have filed tenders for the smartphone. Data of 27 lakh students has been uploaded for free smartphones and tablets. 2.5 lakh tablets and 5 lakh smartphones are to be given in the first phase.

Data is going from here to the government

The data of the students is being given to the university by the colleges and the data feeding of the students is being done through the university itself. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that youth in the state can take advantage of online classes with latest technology. For this, the government is arranging laptops and tablets. There are about 50 lakh students in higher education in UP. According to the government, Uttar Pradesh is the first state in the country, which is going to distribute about one crore tablets and smartphones to the youth on such a large scale.

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