Strange decree of Taliban; Told women news anchors – read the news by covering the face!

After assuming power in Afghanistan, the real face of the Taliban rulers, who are pretending to be liberal, is now slowly coming to the fore. Talibani the rulers Already, many types of restrictions have been imposed on women in Afghanistan. Two weeks ago, a decree was issued that if any woman goes out in a public place, then she will have to wear a burqa. Violation of the order will result in severe punishment. Not only this, women were also ordered that they would not go on a journey alone. It is mandatory to have a male partner with them. Secondary schools for girls have also been closed. Now the Taliban has issued a fresh decree, which has shocked everyone. This new decision of Taliban is being criticized on social media.

Yes, let us tell you that the new decree issued by the Taliban is for the news media groups of the country. In the decree, all TV channels have been asked that women appearing on the screen should not come without covering their face. News anchors on news channels have been instructed to keep their faces covered while reading news. A news anchor working in a private news channel in Afghanistan has raised the question that how can she read the news by covering her face? She says that she does not understand how she will work now. She is the only earner in their household. On the other hand, a Taliban spokesman has told foreign news agency Reuters that this new rule will be applicable across the country from May 21. However, for the time being this rule has been termed as an ‘advice’. It is not clear what punishment the Taliban will face for violating it.

Shamshad News, a news channel from Afghanistan, did a program by wearing a face mask to its female anchor while reading the news. The overall decision is being condemned on social media. Let us tell you that even during the previous regime of Taliban, it was made mandatory for women to wear burqa in the crowd. It remains to be seen how this new decision affects the news industry in the country. Experts say that this is an attempt by the Taliban to indirectly fire women news anchors.

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