Sri Lanka Crisis: WFP said – situation of ‘food insecurity’ in front of more than 60 lakh people…

New Delhi | Sri Lanka Crisis: The situation in Sri Lanka is getting worse day by day and there is no scope for improvement in the situation right now. In such a situation, a report of WFP has come out which is shocking. The World Food Program states that more than 6 million people, or 28 percent, of the total population of Sri Lanka are facing ‘food insecurity’. This situation is likely to get worse as the crisis is deepening in the country facing the worst economic crisis. Sri Lanka is currently facing a serious crisis due to depleting foreign exchange reserves and the government is not able to pay for the essential imports.

Crisis on 63 lakh population of the country.

Sri Lanka Crisis: Due to the economic crisis, there has been a huge shortage of food items, medicines, LPG, fuel and toilet paper here. People have to wait for hours outside shops to buy fuel and cooking gas. The World Food Program (WFP) in its report on the situation in Sri Lanka on Friday said that 6.3 million or 28 percent of the country’s population is facing food insecurity and the situation may worsen as the crisis deepens. At least 65,600 of these people are facing severe food insecurity, the report said. WFP warned that this number could rise rapidly if immediate intervention is not taken.

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There is a huge shortage of food items…

Sri Lanka Crisis: WFP said that due to skyrocketing food prices, people are finding it difficult to meet their food requirements. About 67 lakh people are not able to take adequate diet. The agency is expanding its reach to reach 34 lakh people in 2022. WFP said it urgently needed $63 million for its life-saving assistance.

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