Soon, passengers will be able to sleep with their legs stretched in the plane, Air New Zealand is working on a special project

The company said that work on this Skynest concept is going on for the last five years and it will be fully ready by 2024.

The good thing about traveling in a bus or train is that you can lie down and sleep comfortably during the journey. There is a facility to reach far away places in the plane, but there you cannot sleep comfortably lying down. But now soon pods will be available for lying down comfortably in economy class of aircraft. However it will still take time. New Zealand airline Air New Zealand is working on this project. The company said that work on this Skynest concept is going on for the last five years. And it will be completely ready by 2024. The seats will be completely flat, made up of original mattresses as well as cooling pillows and bedding, and will be located at the rear of the aircraft, just behind the premium economy cabin.

Let us tell you that such special seats will not be included in the economy class ticket. It will be available only at the cost of economy or premiere economy, but it has not been told how much will be its additional cost. However, irrespective of the class ticket the passenger buys, the price of these pods will remain the same. Steinest is a separate product of the airline. The airline will allow people to sleep in two sleep cycles, each of up to 90 minutes. Including extra time to stay in bed for some time after waking up. Each aircraft will have six such pods. People will be able to sleep on these in two sessions. At the same time, 30 minutes will be taken to change its sheet and clean it. However, the airline has not yet said whether these pods will be completely fixed, or will be installed on the basis of time of flight and demand. However, it has definitely been told that the decision has been taken to make the Pods available only after a long deliberation.

Giving information about this, the airline’s Chief Customer and Sales Officer Liani Geraghati said, ‘It took 170,000 hours to design, including small and large designs, development, modification and engineering attention. At the same time, he has to tell the people without being shy what problems they are facing and what should be improved in it. The SkyCouch-It is already available in economy class of Air New Zealand airline to provide foot rest. This facility is available on all three economy class seats. This allows the seat to be enlarged. It can also be temporarily converted into a bed.

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