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Some restrictions needed on leaders

The Joint Committee of Parliament has issued an order, due to which now the MPs will have to survive on only one pension. Till now an MP, if he has been an MLA as well as a government employee, has the facility of taking three pensions each. Three lakh 30 thousand rupees to our MPs. So every month, they are given as salary, they also get so many different types of facilities that if all of them are accounted for in the market rate, then the government expenditure on them is at least Rs 10 lakh. Happens per month.

Whereas about 100 crore people of India spend 10 thousand rupees. Live on less than a month. Those MPs and MLAs of ours will be considered completely stupid, who will depend only on their salary and allowances. This government salary and allowances are like cumin seeds in a camel’s mouth for every person coming into politics, irrespective of party he belongs to. Our politics can be purified only when our public representatives imitate the simplicity of Acharya Kautilya or live like the philosophical servants of the Greek scholar Plato.

The Prime Minister has called himself ‘Pradhan Jan Sevak’, which is absolutely right, but our leaders actually become the principal masters of the people. Their loot and arrogance are very inspirational for our bureaucrats. They do more chic than them by becoming more brash and robbers. Congratulations to the Parliamentary Committee that it has now stopped double-triple pension of MPs but this work is still incomplete.

The first thing it should do is to end the right of MPs to increase their salaries and allowances on their own. In many democratic countries of the world, this right has been given to another organization. Apart from this, just think that if a person has been in Parliament and MLA for less than five years, then why should he be given pension? Do government employees and university professors get pension like this? My own opinion is that MPs and MLAs should not take any pension.

Apart from this, if we look at the accounts of different states, then there is loot in the name of pension. In many states, the new pension is also added to the old pension of MLAs who are elected several times. Parkash Singh Badal, an 11-time MLA of Akali Dal in Punjab, got around Rs.6 lakh. Pension is available every month. The Mann government of ‘AAP Party’ is banning this provision.

Apart from this, legislators have many more fun. In seven states of the country, the income tax on the income of the legislators is paid by their governments. Like MPs, they are also getting many free facilities of residence, visits etc. Those facilities which are necessary for public service, they must be given, but if the pension of leaders, hefty salary and unnecessary facilities are cut, then thousands of crores of rupees will be spent. can be saved, the benefit of which can be passed on to the underprivileged, poor and backward of the country. Nowadays, the leaders of the country spend billions and trillions of rupees on publishing and showing their advertisements. are spending. This too should be banned immediately.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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