So now only trained dogs will find corona infected passengers at the airport

Researchers from the University of Helsinki and Hospital in Finland trained four dogs in 2020, the accuracy of positive cases of corona test done by dogs was 92 percent while the accuracy of negative cases was 91 percent

According to a recent claim, trend sniffer or sniffer dogs will be able to trace a person infected with the Kovid-19 virus during air travel at the airport. According to this report, these trained dogs can properly detect air travelers infected with SARS-CoV-2. It is an important method of detection of covid infection. This is because it is not only effective in getting information about the disease in the early stages of infection but also in controlling the epidemic.

Another important finding of the study is that these dogs were less successful in correctly identifying the alpha variant of the corona as they were trained to trace the origin of the corona. This proves how well dogs are able to detect a wide variety of odors. Dogs are able to detect various organic compounds that are released during various metabolic processes in the body, including compounds produced by bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

Let us tell you that researchers from the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital in Finland trained four dogs in 2020 to smell SARS-CoV-2. Each of these dogs had previously been trained to identify drugs or dangerous substances or cancer. For training these dogs, 420 volunteers gave each dog a sample of their own skin. These four dogs each sniffed skin samples from 114 of the volunteers and the PCR swab test turned out to be Sorc-Cov-2 positive, while 306 came back negative.

For the corona test, each dog was given a different sample in seven test sessions. Not only this, the accuracy of positive case of corona test done by these dogs was 92 percent while the accuracy of negative case was 91 percent. Between September 2020 and April 2021, four dogs were deployed to sniff 303 passengers arriving at Finland’s Helsinki-Venta International Airport. Each passenger was also subjected to PCR testing and compared with the results of the sniffer dog test. There were 296 identical results in this type of test.

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