Shocking News | 40 lakhs are getting for this job, yet people do not have interest, know what is the reason. Navabharat

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New Delhi: Everyone wants them to have a good paying job, due to which they can live their life comfortably and happily, but if there is a job where you are getting more than 40 lakh rupees then still if you are interested in that job If not, then think about how that job will be? Surprised aren’t you? Actually this job is for nature lover, but surprisingly no one is applying for this job despite having such a good offer. Yes, let’s know what is the reason why no one is ready for this job…

Such is the job…

Let us tell you that no contender has been found for this job yet. Yes, surprisingly, only three people have applied. Let us tell you that this unique job has come out in New Zealand. According to the report of the ‘New York Post’, the Department of Conservation in New Zealand has come out with a place named Haast for the position of ‘Biodiversity Supervisor’. Under this, the person will have to work in the Mount Aspiring National Park on the western end of the South Island of New Zealand. Whoever is selected, he will get a chance to work in one of the most beautiful areas of New Zealand, where he will have to patrol. The selected person will also get a chance to travel by jet boating and helicopter.

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Job Qualification

Wayne Costello, Operations Manager of the ‘Department of Conservation’, has told that under this job, a person will get an opportunity to work in that area of ​​the country, which is very beautiful in nature. Whoever is interested under the job, he should be self-sufficient. Also, having the ability to work outdoors, youth who have this specialty can apply.

will have to work in this place

Despite having such a huge salary, applicants are not being found for this job, which is why Wayne Costello has kept the salary very high, so that people from neighboring countries of Australia can also apply. For information, let us tell you that there is a population of only 200 people, in Haast where this job has been taken out, there live the natives of New Zealand who do farming and fisheries. Let us tell you that Wayne Costello praised these people fiercely. He said that the people living here are very friendly but this is not an area where everyone can come and live. There are 200 people living here, if anything is needed, the nearest supermarket is a two and a half hour drive away.

purpose of this job

In fact, while talking about this, Wayne Costello said that the main purpose of removing this job is to protect the Kiwis, especially to save the Haast tokoeka (Brown Kiwi). Actually Haast tokoeka are considered quite rare in New Zealand. Under the job, a ‘biodiversity supervisor’ will have to monitor seals, survey lizards and control predators. Whichever candidate gets selected will have to manage his/her team. The selected person should have excellent navigation, map reading and GPS skills, but surprisingly, no one is interested in this job.

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