Shiv Sena worried about BMC elections

Central agencies are taking action against the leaders of Shiv Sena and NCP one after the other in Maharashtra. A former minister and a current minister are in jail. The Income Tax Department has raided the close of the Chief Minister’s son Aaditya Thackeray, while the relatives and close friends of party MP Sanjay Raut have also been raided. Despite this, the Maharashtra government is only threatening. No real action is being taken against BJP leaders. Sanjay Raut has said many times that BJP leaders will go to jail and a cell is being prepared for them in jail. But the government backs down when it comes to action.

It seems that Shiv Sena is worried about the elections to the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). There is news that like the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the BMC elections can also be postponed. Keep in mind that for the last 25 years, BMC is occupied by Shiv Sena and its real strength is also BMC. She would not want the command of BMC to be taken out of her hands under any circumstances. Perhaps this is the reason why the party does not want to create trouble with the BJP. Shiv Sena may need BJP before BMC elections or after elections. Secondly, it does not want to anger the BJP and especially the hardline Hindu voters who are supporters of Narendra Modi. Therefore, preparing to contest the election alone.

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