Poor speaker of Bihar assembly!

What happened on Monday in the Bihar Assembly was unprecedented. Speaker Vijay Sinha was forcing the state government to reply on a law and order issue related to his constituency Lakhisarai. Earlier this was discussed once but on Monday the issue came up again and when the government could not give a satisfactory answer, they fixed the time for discussion on it after two days. The Chief Minister was watching this proceedings sitting in his chamber. When there was talk of discussion on this issue again, he got up from the chamber and as soon as he entered the house, he lashed out at the speaker. He questioned the Speaker’s decision in a very loud voice and taught him how to run the House and parliamentary decorum. The speaker sitting on the seat kept stammering and his party kept watching the spectacle.

This was not the first time that the speaker’s helplessness was visible. During the proceedings of the House last year, during the speech of senior BJP leader and Panchayati Raj Minister of the state government, Samrat Chaudhary, when the speaker interrupted, he got angry and advised the speaker not to be a disturbed India. Think, Speaker Vijay Sinha himself is the leader of BJP. But he does not get respect even from the leaders of his party and the Chief Minister has drained the water. In fact, questions were being raised about him since he was made the speaker. His political experience is also not very wide and he has also won the assembly for the second time. The political stature is also not big. That’s why it seems that if someone is put on a post of constitutional importance for the sake of show, then here is his fate.

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