Shanaya Kapoor Vs Ananya Panday – Whose Summer Look Is Hot?

This is Ananya Panday vs Shanaya Kapoor

Both Shanaya Kapoor and Ananya Panday love to visit exotic places and enjoy their downtime at the beach. The two star kids often share their summer adventures on Instagram as they pose under the sun and sand. We take a look at her different beach looks and outfits – which star kid’s style caught your eye?

Shanaya and Ananya's love for straw hats

(Photo Credits: Instagram/Ananya Pandey, Shanaya Kapoor)

Shanaya and Ananya’s love for straw hats

Shanaya and Ananya's love for straw hats

who wore it better? Ananya and Shanaya pose in the quintessential straw hats at the beach. While Ananya paired it with a floral dress, Shanaya looked more elegant in a white bikini and lacy maxi top.

Ananya Pandey’s sense of humor is very good

Ananya Pandey's sense of humor is very good

Ananya Pandey is happiest when she is on the beach. This picture is proof that, it is also proof of Ananya’s goofy personality as compared to Shanaya.

its floral vs geometric pattern

its floral vs geometric pattern

Ananya and Shanaya have different stylistic choices when it comes to beach outfits. While Ananya likes floral prints more, Shanaya prefers geometric or simple designs.

Shanaya’s monokini outfit vs. Ananya’s pastel bikini

Shanaya's monokini outfit vs. Ananya's pastel bikini

While Ananya likes to wear clothes, bikini, she is rarely seen in monokini. Shanaya, on the other hand, has several pictures where she is seen wearing stunning monokinis, be it on the beach or in the pool.

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