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Shahrukh gets relief from Supreme Court

New Delhi, Talk. In a major relief to Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan in a five-year-old case, the Supreme Court has refused to restore the criminal case over a stampede at Vadodara railway station in 2017 during the promotion of the film Raees.

The apex court refused to interfere in the matter justifying the Gujarat High Court’s decision to quash the criminal case. Justice Ajay Rastogi and Justice C.T. A two-judge bench of the apex court headed by Ravikumar upheld the quashing of the case against King Khan. The Gujarat High Court, in its order on April 27, 2022, had quashed a criminal case against King Khan for allegedly creating a stampede at the Vadodara railway station during the promotion of the film Raees. One person was killed and some people were injured in the stampede.

The summons issued by a local court in Vadodara was challenged by Shah Rukh Khan in the Gujarat High Court and the case was quashed by the High Court in April this year. Now the top court upheld the decision of the High Court. Due to which Bollywood actor Shahrukh got a big relief today.

The actor along with his production team was traveling from Mumbai to Delhi in the year 2017 to promote his Hindi film ‘Raees’.

Congress leader Jitendra Solanki had filed a complaint in the local court. Mr. Solanki, while filing a complaint in a local court in Vadodara, had said that Shah Rukh Khan had thrown t-shirts and promotional material with the name of the film towards the crowd. For this reason, this accident happened while carrying T-shirts and promotional material. Initially there was an application filed by King Khan to quash the complaint. The Gujarat High Court in its order on April 27, 2022 had dismissed the complaint filed against him and granted him relief, but then complainant Solanki moved the apex court against the order in the court expressing his displeasure with the Gujarat High Court order. A Special Leave Petition (SLP) was filed before the The top court had today upheld the order of the Gujarat High Court.

Sahil Kothari

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