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Scientists have made birth control pills for men, preparing to bring them in the market…

New Delhi | Contraceptive Pills For Men : Since there has always been a physical relationship between a man and a woman, the entire burden of contraception has been put on women. From the very beginning, birth control pills were prepared for women so that there would be no unwanted child. There are many cases around the world in which men feel uncomfortable even using contraceptive measures like condoms. On the other hand, women face primary mental and physical difficulties in taking contraceptive measures. But now it is going to be a thing of the past because contraceptive pills for men are going to come in the market soon. It was told that early men would be able to prevent unwanted pregnancies with the use of birth control pills.

Successful experiment on rats

Contraceptive Pills For Men : According to the Daily Star website news, American scientists have prepared birth control pills for men. It has been claimed in the report that work is going on continuously on these pills and the experiments done on rats in the line have been successful up to 99%. Scientists in America are very excited about the results and say that these contraceptive pills will protect women from side effects.

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Rats became impotent for 6 weeks

Contraceptive Pills For Men : After feeding the pills to the rats, it was found that after consuming the medicine, they became impotent for 6 weeks. Doctors say that the biggest thing in this is that no side effect of any kind was seen on the rats. American scientists say that now soon experiments will be done on humans too. Doctors say that we are not far from the day when birth control pills for men will appear in the newspapers. Scientists say that it will work in the same way as it works on women.

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